How Important Is The DJ To Your Wedding?

One quick Google search of this topic will take you to thousands of websites. Most of which have differing opinions. Which makes sense. Because the DJ is not as important to some people as it is to others. The way I see it is this.

You know the people that are showing up to your wedding better than anyone. Are they a party crowd, are they reserved, maybe they just like good music, but won't really dance. In all these scenarios it is important to have the right DJ. Your DJ is responsible for about 85% of the success of your reception. That is because the DJ finds himself in a very unique position. Not only is he trying to create the right mood for the night. He often steps up as a "night of coordinator". Making sure that everything that the bride and groom wanted to happen is happening. Whether that be the "Shoe Game", "Dollar Dance", garter toss, and so on. A good DJ will keep track of the pace and vibe of the night. If the energy seems to be dying down, he will suggest maybe moving on toasts or whatever is next on the timeline. To keep the momentum going. That is going to keep your guests from getting bored, and that keeps them from leaving.

Then there are the announcements. It is so very important that your DJ speak clearly and with energy fitting the moment. If you got somebody talking in the "DJ voice" ( I think we all know what I am talking about) it is awkward and annoying. It takes away from the enjoyment of your guests. Because most of the time you can't understand what he is saying. Weddings just are not the place for all that. When it comes time for the cake cutting or first dance you want people to be able to understand what the DJ is saying.

Then there is the most important part of what a DJ does. That is create the fun for the night. Your DJ has to be able to read the energy of the crowd. I hate to say it, but I have been the DJ at a wedding where everyone was dancing and smiling, but I could tell the energy was not there. So it is up to me as a professional to get that energy into the crowd. Whether that is playing something retro, maybe oldies or busting out Spice Girls. It is up to me as a professional to figure it out. This is a skill that only comes with many, many weddings under your belt.

I hope this information was helpful. Thank you for stopping by the blog section of our site. If you need any further help, please reach out to us. We love weddings and love to help. Also, thank you for making us the best wedding DJ in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

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