10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ

Hiring a DJ is not something that you do everyday. So what do you ask? Here are the Top 10 questions you should be asking.

10. How Long Have You Been Doing Weddings Professionally?

Have you ever heard that someone should have 10,000 hours invested in their profession before they can be considered an expert? That is why this is very important. Someone may have been DJing in nightclubs for the past 10 years but has not done many weddings. This person is probably a great DJ, but weddings are much different.

9. Can You Help Me Choose Music for My Special Dances?

Sometimes it may be hard to pick a song for your Grand Entrance, Mother Son Dance, even your Exit Song. Your DJ should be an expert, and has seen a lot of weddings. Ask for their expertise on this.

8. Can We Make Requests?

And more importantly can we submit a do not play list? The way I see it. This is your day. You should have as much or as little control over the music as you want. Also as a DJ, collecting your "plays" and "do not plays" before hand gives me a nice musical road map if what you are into.

7. How Far In Advance Should We Book You?

Honestly, I have seen it so many times where a couple waits to book, and they miss out on the DJ they really wanted. If he/she is a good fit for your wedding, just book it. You won' be sorry

6. If We Cancel What Is Your Refund Policy

The sad truth is that I have had brides cancel for all types of reasons. Sometimes it just happens. Make sure you are not going to get screwed if you have to cancel. Most DJs will have a policy depending on how close to the wedding day you cancel.

5. Do You Set Up A Sign or Banner When You are DJing?

I know this one seems silly, but I have seen it. A beautiful wedding, then some DJ has his ugly banner hanging on the front of his table. GROSS. If they say "yes", walk away. This day is about you, not them trying to get more business.

4. Will You Get Music That We Request That You Don't Have?

This answer should always be "yes" from your DJ. If you request 50 songs I don't have. Then I am buying 50 new songs for your wedding.

3. Will You Take Requests From Guests?

This is 100% up to the bride and groom. If they say "yes, take requests from guests". Then I always say "yes I will, but I will make sure they make sense for your night". If the bride and groom do not want any requests from guests, then that is the way it will be.

2. Does Your Price Include Set Up and Tear Down?

Unfortunately sometimes DJs will try to appear like more of a value by hiding certain costs. Make sure that the amount you agreed to pay includes everything that you are expecting. I know it stinks to have to ask this, but you just want to make sure.

1. What Do You Love About DJing Weddings?

This will give you some insight into who this person is. If the reception part of your wedding day is important to you. It should be important to your DJ too. Make sure it is someone who has a passion for it.

I am sure that you will thing of many more on your own. This is a just a little guide to get your mind working. If you have any more questions you can always reach out to us.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. And also thank you for making Top Choice Sound and Lighting the best wedding DJ in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

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