5 Things That Stress Couple Out On Their Wedding And How To Prevent Them

As a person who loves weddings, one of the saddest things I see on a couples wedding day is the bride or groom being stressed out. It makes sense though. Everyone wants and deserves their wedding day to be perfect. When that is not happening, it is stressful. I have compiled this list of the 5 top things I see couples stressing about, and how I feel these situations could be avoided.

5. In- Laws Thinking The Day Is About Them

This usually comes in the form of a mother-in-law, Sorry to say. I don't have a scientific reason for it, but its just what I see. Could be the sadness of letting their son/daughter go. Could be stress, or the lack of food. Either way, there are ways to avoid the angry mother in law without making things awkward or having them feel slighted. If your mother in law is starting to be a pain or get on your nerves, rely on your maid of honor or best man. Have them run interference. Nothing mean or pushy. Just have them say something like "The bride would like to just have a second to collect herself" or "The bride isn't feeling so good so she asked if she could have some space". It will work trust me.

4. People Leaving Early

This is unfortunately something you cannot prevent completely, but you can lessen the amount of people that will leave early. Why do people leave early? Mostly because they are bored. Keep that in mind when you are building your timeline for the night. If it makes sense for your wedding, have some lawn games set up, maybe have some snacks for guests so they can eat and have a drink before the bride and groom arrive. Also make sure you are hiring entertainment that will make sure everyone is enjoying themselves during cocktail hour and dinner. A good DJ will know how to keep people interested in being there. From Grandma to your Nephew.

3. Bad Weather

Not a single thing you can do to prevent bad weather, or change it. So have a bad weather plan in place, and that is about it. That is why you can't stress about it. Because there is nothing you can do about it.

2. Wedding Party Being Too Drunk During Speeches

This is something I never knew people stressed about until I started doing weddings and saw it happen a lot. Thankfully there is a very easy fix for this. If you see that your best man, maid of honor, father, mother, whoever will be giving speeches seems like they have had too much to drink,, get ahead of it. You can have someone else in your wedding party, or your wedding party let them know that maybe they have had a little too much and it's probably not a good idea for them to be giving a speech right now (drunk people always listen to reason right?) If they are on the mic and you see that they are starting to ramble and you want them off, but do want to embarrass them. Have someone from your wedding party come up and lovingly escort them off. The DJ will know what's happening and turn down the mic. The bottom line on this is, you don't want to hurt some ones feelings who has been drinking because that will make it worse. So just handle it gently to protect them and yourself.

1. People Look Like They Are Not Having Fun

The #1 thing I hear from brides when we first talk "I just want to make sure everyone has fun. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and no one was dancing or having fun". Now this could be the bride was just a wedding where the people were not fun. A lot of times it has to do with your entertainment. I know I am a DJ so everyone is going to think that is why I am saying this, but it is true. Your DJ is responsible for 85% of your receptions success. No one remembers the meal, the flowers, or the photo booth. Everyone remembers the party. If you know that you have a crowd that likes to party, do your research on your DJ. Make sure he knows how to rock the party like you want.

Thank you so much for checking out the blog section of our website. I am not a professional writer, I have just done a ton of weddings. So that is where all this info comes from. We are always available for any other questions you might have. Thank you for making us Minnesota and Western Wisconsin's best wedding DJ company


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