5 Reasons Some DJs Are Cheap And Some Aren't

Once you start looking for a wedding DJ you are going to see some big price differences. Before I wrote this I did a quick Google search of "Minnesota Wedding DJs". I saw everything from $395 - $2995. Now if I was not a DJ, I would think "why?". Because I am a DJ I know exactly why. So I thought I would break it down for you here.

5. Is The DJ Just Starting Out?

We all had to get our start somewhere. And it takes A LOT of weddings before you become really good at it. So in the beginning, you have a price that reflects your experience. This is a good way to get a lot of weddings booked. And I hate to say it, but if someone only paid $395 for you to be at their wedding. You don't feel as bad if you make a mistake. More importantly, the couple doesn't feel like they got ripped off.

4. What Kind of Equipment is the DJ Using

No one cares what kind of equipment the DJ is using. As long as sound is coming out of the speakers. And because of technology, someone could become a DJ for relatively cheap. The problem with cheap equipment is that it is unreliable, it does not have the quality of higher end equipment, and can really derail the night. Have you ever been to a wedding that when the toasts are being made the microphone is feeding back or is full of static? That is because the DJ tried to save a few dollars on a very important piece of equipment. This helps the DJ keeps the prices down, but it just ruined the speeches or even worse the ceremony.

3. How Many Weddings is this DJ Doing A Weekend? Or a Day?

One of the craziest things I have ever heard is DJs doing 2 weddings in a day. How can you do this? I am wore out after one! If the DJ is charging a little more there is a great chance you are the only wedding for that weekend. I have a friend in Canada who charges $3500 to DJ a wedding. Because he will do no more than 3 a month. This keeps him from getting burnt out, and he crushes almost every wedding he does. In order to give the bride and groom the best experience, you have to be fresh, and excited to be there. If you are the 3rd wedding of that DJ's weekend, how much do you think that DJ wants to be there?

2. Does One DJ Offer More Than Another?

This is something that I went through. I used to have a package that was less expensive than what I charge now. However, that package had less in it. Once I started doing more and more weddings I was able to create a wedding package that had a much better value to the bride and groom. So if the DJ is really cheap, make sure you are getting everything you want. At the same time, if the DJ is really expensive, make sure they are not including a bunch of things you don't want.

1. Some People Don't Care That Much About The Music.

This is always one that is hard for me to accept, but it is the truth. Some people just want some background music for cocktails and dinner. They don't really care about dancing or having a big party. So for them they don't really need a DJ with a ton of experience. You don't want to pay $2995 to have someone do a little more than your phone could do. So it makes sense to cut costs there.

I hope this info was helpful for you. You can always contact us with any other questions you might have. We are always here to help you through this. Thank you so much for making us Minnesota and Western Wisconsin's best DJ wedding DJ service.

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