5 Reasons You'll Regret Using an iPad for your Wedding DJ

I am shocked when people want to save money when planning their wedding so they chose to not have a DJ. Weddings are expensive, that is for sure. But there are so many less crucial things that you can cut. The reason I am puzzled is because the DJ is responsible for about 80% of the receptions success. Because we are more than just a jukebox playing music. We are assistants, coordinators, and anything else we can help with. I have grabbed drinks for people. Discretely helped couples who maybe had too much to drink. So many different things. So I came up with this list of 5 reasons you will regret using an iPad for you DJ. Now your thinking "you're a DJ of course you are going to say this". Well read them and see if you agree.

5. An iPad can't read the crowd

Funny thing about this. Some DJs can't read the crowd either. In order for the night to be fun for everyone the DJ has to be able to see a crowd and know if they are feeling the music or not. Maybe the DJ tries an oldie and it doesn't work. Well they can see that and try other music until something sticks. Your iPad playlist was made 2 weeks ago, it can't change on the fly.

4. Now You Have To Rent Equipment

There is certain equipment you need for a wedding dance to be successful. Speakers of course, microphone for speeches, and lighting if you want it. So now that you have to rent all this stuff, you really aren't saving much anymore. You also now have to keep an eye on the equipment to make sure no one damages it. And, you have to return it. This is your wedding day. It is supposed to be stress free.

3. How Many Weddings Have You Been the DJ For?

One of the most important things your DJ brings to the table is experience. When you have seen hundred of weddings, you learn some tricks and ways to make sure people are having fun. You learn certain songs that you always know will get people on the dance floor. You also learn which one of those songs you should play early to get the floor full and which songs you should save until later. We call this "programming the music". It makes for a much more enjoyable musical experience when the music is programmed correctly.

2. Are You Picking Music That You Like Or Your Guests Like?

No DJ shows up at a wedding and thinks "I am only going to play songs I like". If you are doing your own play list. It is going to be songs you like that maybe aren't the taste of anyone else. Of course some of the music that night has to be stuff specifically for you. Sometimes though the songs have to be mass appeal. And those mass appeal songs need to play at the right time. Again, with the DJ having experience, they probably know of more songs that work. And how to mix your specific requests with other music to make sure everyone is having fun.

1. Flow of the Night

There is not a good DJ I know that couldn't also be a wedding coordinator. Next time you are at a wedding watch the DJ. If he is all over the room, talking with the bride and groom, the parents, the wedding party, and anyone else involved in the wedding. He is making sure all the special moments of the night happen when they should, have the right music, and are as special as the newlyweds expect them to be. A lot of times that means wrangling people up for the parents dances, the bouquet and garter toss, speeches, the list goes on and on. Someone needs to coordinate all this stuff. The responsibility. Usually falls on the DJ. And we are happy to do it.

Of course I always say. If the music part of the night is not important, then you can ignore this. The reality is most of your guests are there for the party, so give them what they want. As always we are here to help. We thank you for making us Minnesota and Western Wisconsin's best wedding DJ service. This is our passion and we love sharing our passion with you.

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